Week in Pictures #6

Posted on: 17 iunie 2013

Somebody tell me how these weeks pass so fast! It seems only yesterday we celebrated Easter and now there’s only a couple of weeks left ‘til my birthday!

This week has been one with ups and downs, as most are, and here are some of my ups (and one down)!

Avon eye liners super shock glimmerstick flash sugar plum

So this week, I’ve got my latest Avon order. You already know I was out of my favorite Glimmerstick eyeliner in Sugarplum and I took the chance to buy a new one and also two SuperShock liners in Black and Flash, which I absolutely love! And that brings my SuperShock collection to a grand total of.. 3!

Avon eye liners super shock glimmerstick flash sugar plum swatch pictures

The lasting power of the two SuperShocks (the first two from the left) is amazing!

SuperShock black liner look LOTD

The first use of the black SuperShock ❤

Ice Coca Cola

A few rare  moments of relaxation and the first Coke in a loooong while!

flower ice cubes tray IKEAMy ice cubes are flower shaped! ❤ I got this tray from IKEA for a mere dollar!

Cloudy Bucharest in summer sunsetIt’s been raining a whole lot these last few weeks! I am really sick of this weather! I’m starting to get moldy from all this humidity in the air!

IKEA heart cactus Valentine's

Remember my cactus from last week? The one with a leaf? Look how much it’s grown! Turns out it wasn’t a leaf! It’s a baby cactus! ❤
Now all I have to do is figure out how to separate it from its momma and plant it in a new pot! Nothing cuter than 2 heart shaped cacti!

So, what have you been up to this week?

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8 răspunsuri to "Week in Pictures #6"

Si mie imi plac foarte mult creioanele Supershock :X Eu am 6 nuante :))


6 sunt in total, nu? :)) Esti un fel de colectionara, felicitari!
Eu nu mi-as lua nuanta aceea de turqoise, spre exemplu 🙂


Îmi face cu ochiul de ceva vreme creionul ăla rozaliu, se poate folosi pe waterline sau e prea roz? 😕


Nu se vede deloc pe waterline 😦 Si eu am fost dezamagita de aspectul asta!


e superb cactusul. imi place cum ti-au iesit coditele.


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