5 Minutes Summer Face – Guest Post by Shimmery Black

Posted on: 13 iulie 2013

Well, if I don’t seem to find the time and energy to write here, then someone has to step up and do it and who else than the lovely Delia from Shimmery Black to grace us with her presence?

My 5-minute summer face

Hey, loves, this is Delia from Shimmery Black and today you’ll have to bear with me, for I will show you my quick & easy summer make-up. Before I start I’d like to say that, despite the colourful looks I do on my blog, I’m not a big make-up wearer on a daily basis and I choose effectiveness over drama any time.
In the summer I try to minimize the number of products I put on my face, because heat has always been my fierce enemy and it tends to win the battle for most of the time.

shimmeryblack wordpress 5 minutes make up summer face look LOTD bronze
shimmeryblack wordpress summer products fake tan bronze Alverde Oriflame
Eyes: I barely touch my lids during these three months of Satan; I curl my lashes, apply a coat of Avon’s Super Drama mascara and brighten up my inner corners with Alverde’s Kajal eyeliner in 05 Weiss, which is a.shimmery white. I also tamed my brows with the Alverde brow gel, which also makes them look fuller.Face: This is usually the star of my summer make-up looks. Today I used the Alverde Mineral Make-up in 01 Naturelle (applied with the ELF Mineral foundation brush) and the Alverde Bronzing Glow Liquid to imitate a sunkissed face. I applied the bronzer on my cheeks, taking it pretty far towards my nose and on the sides of forehead. This way it looks like I spent some time out in the sun and I got tan.

Lips: Using the same Alverde eyeliner (I didn’t realize I used so much of their stuff) I lined my Cupid’s bow, then I applied Nyx’s Jumbo Lip Pencil in Pink Brown, which is a shiny peach shade that completes the look perfectly.As you can see, the make-up seems very minimal but it really gives that summery look to my face, especially since I’m rather pale and I don’t plan to get tan any time soon.
Hope you enjoyed this post, have a gorgeous day!

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So there you have it, folks! Whacha say? Would you like to see more of Delia around here? 
Have a great weekend! 😉

2 răspunsuri to "5 Minutes Summer Face – Guest Post by Shimmery Black"

te cred si eu ca nu te machiezi strident in general, uite cat ai ochii de mari si fara farduri :)) lucky girl with big eyes ❤


O fi unghiul din care m-am pozat de vină, că n-am ochii mari. 😕 Dar mersi, ești o scumpă. :*


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