90’s Kid [TAG]

Posted on: 24 iulie 2013

Anca from MakeUpYourMind did this cute tag and invited anyone who grew up in the ’90s to complete it as well. Seeing how I was born in 1991 and I consider the ’90s to be quite the best part of my life (my childhood), I could NOT miss it. Also, I love me some ’80s and ’90s music, fashion, lifestyle and everything in between (as cheesy and yucky as they may seem now), so doing this tag was a no-brainer for me.the 90s rad kid tag coolness

1. Favorite toys?

Barbie dolls, of course. More precisely, Ballerina Barbie with her shiny hair in a sleek ponytail and pink practice and show leotard, tutu and training leg warmers.

2. Favorite adverts?

Whenever those came up, I changed the channel, just as I do now.

3. N’Sync or Backstreet Boys?

For the sake of Justin Timberlake who always has and always will bring sexy back, I will say N’Sync!

4. Weirdest fashion trend?

I don’t know if it was a trend (if it was, it didn’t get me), but I hate that look of bleached, perm hair and thick, dark brown eyebrows, Madonna style.

Weird Madonna 90s Trend Bleached Hair Thick Dark EyebrowsLike this.

5. Favorite collectable?

McDonald’s Happy Meal toys. At school, we used to brag about who had the most Happy Meal toys in their collection.

6. Favorite Beanie Baby?

At this point, I think everyone knows Beanie Babies didn’t make it to Romania. As I’ve understood, they were pretty big in the US, but I had other toys (and pets) to play with.

7. How many Tamagotchi’s did you go through?

Sadly, none. By the time I got enough maternal instincts to at least find the Tamagotchi interesting, they were out of the market, but I remember tending to one of my school friends for a couple of hours (or a few minutes, I dunno, time is relative especially when you’re that young)

8. Favorite game system and game?

Nitendo + Mario Forever, duh! I still have Mario installed on my computer, but it’s not the same without the controllers and the TV or the little snack I was allowed each day that I preferred to eat during my videogames hour.

9. Favorite Disney Channel original movie?

Alladin, most definitely! Still is! And Jasmin my favorite Disney Princess 😀

10. Favorite Music Artist?

Damn, that’s a hard one 😦 I was never one big for Britney Spears, but I did love me some Christina Aguilera and Destiny’s Child. From Romania, Andre took the cake for sure, but I also enjoyed 3 Sud Est, Valahia, Animal X or Pops.

11. Favorite Candy?

When Mom or Dad brought me those Kinder Suprise chocolate eggs or mini-bars, they would make my day, week or month. They were pretty expensive for those times, so I didn’t get to enjoy them too often.

12. Favorite game?

I don’t seem to hear too much about these games lately, but my all time favorites were Raţele şi Vânătorii  and Ţară, ţară, vrem ostaşi.

13. Favorite Mc’Donalds Happy Meal Toy?

I enjoyed all of them, but especially some Timon and Pumba or 102 Dalmatians stuffed toys and two pink hair combs for my Barbies.

14. Favorite book?

The Wizard of Oz. 27 chapters, finished it in 2 days when I was in 2nd grade (9 y.o.). That’s how much it fascinated me.

15. Favorite clothing store?

In 1998 (I think), I went to the grand opening of Romania’s first mall, so for most of the ’90s, brand clothes weren’t really available around here. We all bought our clothes from shopping centers similar to Red Dragon or Europa.

16. What would you watch when you got home from school?

There were a few Hispanic telenovelas that I would watch (El Clon, Salome, Corazon Salvaje and Muñeca Brava) and most things on Cartoon Network (Dexter’s Lab, Johnny Bravo, the Jetsons, etc)

17. Favorite TV Shows?

The ones listed above, Star Trek The Next Generation, the cartoon show Mila (about a voleyball player) and Power Rangers, both of which aired every Saturday and Sunday morning 🙂

What are your favorite memories about the ’90s? 🙂

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3 răspunsuri to "90’s Kid [TAG]"

Wow… Exact asa a decurs si copilaria mea!!!


No one will EVER tag me. No one ever. I shall die untagged. I read every single tag in my blogroll. I am the untaggable.


You are so offtopic, it hurts me a little. But from your desperation, I get you have something to say, so PLEASE complete this tag so I can read all about your wonderful childhood!


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