Daily Nuggets

Posted on: 30 Iulie 2013

I hope this post right here will be the start of a lovely series in which I write down a few minor beauty tips and tricks, news, how to’s or anything else beauty related that may come in my head, without having to write an entire article about it.

1. I use my Avon SuperShock eyeliner in Flash to line my lips entirely, not only my Cupid’s Bow. Looks lovely, if you ask me!

Avon SuperShock Flash highlighter Cupid's Bow iluminator buze1) My lips in their natural state 2) Avon SuperShock in Flash carelessly applied
3) Avon SuperShock in Flash blended outwards and my lips with a creamy lipstick applied

2. To stop my under-eye make-up from bleeding, I apply several layers of translucent powder with a tiny brush (like the Samantha Chapman Real Techniques Contour Brush). Doesn’t ruin the effect and makes sure everything stays in place.

3. I try to mostly tweeze my eyebrows when they are filled in and properly contoured so I don’t ruin their shape (although they don’t have much of a shape to begin with)

4. After bath, while my hair is still damp, I rub a bit of oil (almond or seed grapes, whathaveyou) on the ends. The hair will dry and it won’t remain oily and gross, but the ends will look a bit less brittle and dehydrated. Bare in mind that my hair is very long and dyed, so kinda damaged. If you have naturally healthy hair, there’s no need for such a „treatment”

5. When I have to travel and be out of my hometown for a while (for instance, for a week at the seaside), I choose glitter nail polish for its endurance. I use either glitter nail polish as bought from the store (for instance Flormar 392) or any kind of nail polish and I top it off with glitter particles from a little jar.

Glitter nails NOTD tutorial sclipici borcanas unghii

This is the texture I get. Similar to those sand effect nail polishes. Let me know if you want tutorial.

So with that being said, I will leave to make that last trick happen as I’ll be out of town (and most probably not near a strong internet connection) for a week or so.

Be well and have a wonderful day!

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2 răspunsuri to "Daily Nuggets"

Cand am vazut preview-ul articolului, muream de curiozitate sa stiu ce oja e aia :)) Acum m-am lamurit 🙂
Si mai fac o marturisire…ma crezi ca nu m-am gandit pana acum sa ma pensez dupa ce-mi conturez sprancenele??? Makes perfect sense to do that (am pensat aiurea de multe ori si apoi am regretat), dar pur si simplu nu ma gandisem sa fac asta pana acum. Asa ca multumesc!


Ma bucur ca te-ai lamurit :)) Momentan am 2 unghii culoarea aia si 3 culoarea celui mai frumos violet pe care l-ai vazut vreodata!!!!

Nu cred ca TU nu te-ai gandit niciodata la asta! Esti unul din cei mai bine informati oameni pe care ii cunosc, citesti muuult si pari sa stii o gramada de life shortcuts :))) Oricum, cu multa placere! :*


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