50 Facts about Me

Posted on: 3 august 2013


1. I’m a Cancer and I act like it. I’m moody, I’m sentimental and I love my family (including extended family) more than anything else. It’s like I’m two people: one with my fam and one with the rest of the world.

2. My brain storms like no other. Any minute from any piece of info and any context, I get thousands of ideas. The problem lays either with the fact that I rarely have time for them all or with my stubbornness to work on many of them simultaneously.

3. My music preferences are plainly hard to understand, even for me. Although I have a few all time favorites (Rammstein, Within Temptation, Eminem, Sean Paul), the rest of my playlist features all kinds of genres, from raggae and dancehall to hip hop, old school pop and, of course, rock.

4. Insects freak me out. Not only spiders and cockroaches, but all of them, including butterflies or fireflies, mosquitoes and even common flies.

5. I’m a patriot. ‘Murica? Forget about it, I’m all about Romania, baby! You know all these people who blast Romania? Well, s*ck it and either leave for good and keep your mouth shut or do something about it!

6. I never watch horror movies. Comedies, romantic comedies and action. That would be all I’m interested in. Actually, I’m not that much into movies and it takes a hell of a movie to make me want to watch it (recent examples: Despicable Me 2 or Star Trek)

7. I don’t like having my picture taken.

8. I’m an atheist, but I hold nothing against people with a religion.. that is, until they try preaching it to me. Then, I unleash the Kraken and make them swallow all their words. Why can’t everyone abide by the rule „live and let live”?

9. I love to dance. LOVE LOVE LOVE! There was a time in my life (long, long time ago) when dancing was what I did best.

10. When someone tries to pick me up, my favorite tricks are to a) pretend I don’t talk Romanian and give them a lil bit of Deutsch rather than English and b) check them out from head to toe with a very straight face and then as „How much is your car worth?” INSTANT REPELLENT! Guaranteed to work with the Cocalarus Vulgaris, Cocalarus Spaniolis, Cocalarus Italianis and Salahorus Communus 😉

11. I almost always avoid wearing bold colors on my lips. I feel that having my huge lips painted red, mauve or black would instantly attract all attention on a 5 mile radius.

12. I am fascinated with dictatorships and military regimes. Not that I would want to see any of them to power again, but I try my best to get a picture of what life would be and how I would face it: give in or fight to the last breath?

13. I would rather travel East and South than West or North. Something about Oriental cultures that gives me goose bumps.

14. I’m a cat person.

15. I’m a perfectionist. I don’t stop until I get everything right and the sad part is I have the same expectations from everyone else.

16. As of lately, I discovered new passions of mine, like trekking and going to live concerts.

17. I’m afraid of being home alone. My imagination goes crazy.

18. Having been born in the summer, I’m really comfortable in high temperatures. In fact, I think I can only function in optimal parameters when temperature is above 30 degrees Celsius.

19. I kept all my diplomas ever since 1st grade. I have almost 100 now. I sometimes like to go through them and remember when, how and why I received one or another.

20. I have a couple girl blogger crushes :”> (Delia@ShimmeryBlack and G.@Le Petit Blog Noir, this is a shout out to you!)

21. I hate shopping for clothes. It helps that I also have a weird, sometimes classic taste for clothes and I don’t easily fall for the latest trends. I go out with a plan to buy something and return home 8 hours later with absolutely no purchase and my nerves stretched to the maximum.

22. This.

Girl thing 50 facts about me diet dieta dieting

23. I hate herbs and spices, especially when they come in small packages at the supermarket. I don’t see their purpose. I like food as food is. I hate the term and the word and the meaning of „seasoning”. Child, please! I don’t want my meat tenderized, marinated, with a Mediterranean aroma or whatever!

24. Although I could look for high heeled shoes and I wouldn’t mind buying them, I wear them only when the moon and Jupiter align so I can take the time to go clubbing.

25. I think the biggest accomplishment in life is a big, healthy family.

26. If you’re looking for an inspirational song that will also calm you down, I strongly recommend this 🙂

27. I like to volunteer and I’ve been doing that for almost 5 years now.

28. It took me two days to come up with 50 facts about me and, thus, write this post.

29. Best mails are those announcing me I got new comments from you guys! ❤

30. I watched Sailor Moon and Married with Children twice!

31. I’m like a thousand years old and I still can’t swim 😦

32. Judge me or not, but for me first impressions count.

33. I think in today’s society, the institution of marriage just gets in the way of everything.

34. This will sound crazy. I don’t believe in time travel because I think that this universe is the result of a certain mix of decisions of all the beings that have ever lived, so when you are faced with a decision, at least another parallel universe is created. So, supposed you could travel in the past or in the future, in what parallel universe would you end up?

35. I would rather do the dishes than cook.

36. I think I was late for something or another for only 2 or 3 times in my entire life. I almost always exaggerate with the amount of time I take to get ready and travel to the meeting point so I tend to be early by 10-15 minutes. I don’t mind waiting, but I get annoyed if other people are late.

37. I could have McDonald’s daily and still not get sick of it. I know how gross and unhealthy the food there is, but man can I get hooked on those fats, sugar and carbs 😦

38. To the outside world, I might seem terribly messy, but I know my way around my messes. To me, it’s like a different type of organization skills.

39. I try to adhere to a very strict moral compass which is great, cause that reduced the amount of negativity in my life over the last few years.

40. I have few true friends whom, to my despise, I rarely see. However, when we get together, we speak as frankly and as lovingly as if we’d lastly seen each other a day before.

41. As you know if you’ve been following my blog for a while, I don’t feel that the price is always the indicator of quality.

42. I have never finished an eyeshadow pot, a blush/highligher or a lipstick.

43. I feel that interesting people are harder and harder to find these days. Is it the internet?

44. I don’t think everyone who graduates from highschool or college necessarily deserves to. I think we should be more exigent in this regard and make less of a deal about the Bacalaureat’s results, even though I understand the economic principles behind this scandal.

45. I never watch TV. Ever! Most of the times, TV personalities are the subject to internet posts as well, but I have to ask my mother who’s who and why are they famous.

46. I don’t smoke, drink coffee or do drugs. I rarely have a beer or a glass of wine.

47. I plan ahead. Doing my homework on any issue is crucial to my tranquility.

48. I honestly congratulate you for getting this far!

49. I love the seaside.

50. I almost always schedule my post. I will often have 2 or 3 scheduled post. This is how you are able to read this right now. Hugs and kisses from the seaside, darlings!

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8 răspunsuri to "50 Facts about Me"

Reading this…..
…..aaaand I’m blushing.
Have a kiss, darling. It’s on me!


Gotta say the girl blogger crush thing is mutual. ❤
And yes, Romania is beautiful! Dacă Rammstein au filmat videoclip aici, înseamnă că știu ei ce știu. :))


Hey we have quite a lot of things in common actually 😀 I also love the bands you mentioned but I still have a really broad taste in music. And I am a total chocoholic. I also like planning ahead and I am a real perfectionist.


Hihih! Also, you have a lovely blog! 🙂


I’m a Cancer too and surprise, we have a lot of things in common 😀


Haha, us Cancers! :))


This post was very interested even if Im new to your blog. You’re an interesting person and we do share some things (not all of course.) gotta subscribe 😉


Aaaw, thank you! You seem like a very sweet girl too!



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