Weekend Sales and Offers

Posted on: 16 August 2013

I’ll start with what I’m most interested in: make-up brushes. Sigma has a 15% sale on the synthetic precision kit and those incredibly gorgeous eye shadow bases here. If you read this too late or are interested in other products, you can use the code from the banner on my page to get 10% discount all year round.

Sigma Beauty Make-up Brushes Back to School Sale pensule machiaj

Also in the sphere of cosmetic brands I love, Sleek Make-Up UK offers 10% discount on ALL orders for a limited period of time, so take advantage as you can! Discount is applied when you check out the online order and the shipping to Romania costs 3-4 USD.

Sleek Make-Up Sale

ELF Romania offers free gifts for any order of at least 43 RON this weekend. Shipping methods: Romanian Post (9 RON and it takes 3 days to reach your local post office) or Courier (10 RON and it reaches your address in 1-2 days).

elf romania oferta produse cadou primer ochi pudra pensulaVivo Cosmetics (a brand similar to the beloved MUA) offers 50% discount on all orders. Just remember to enter the discount code AUGUST50 on checkout 😉 Shipping to Romania costs 4.95 GBP, but it’s worth having the opportunity to buy lots of cosmetics for prices ranging from 50p to 2-3 GBP.Viva cosmetics flash sale 50% off

Famous X, another awesome make-up retailer also has 50% off everything AND free international shipping! Enjoy here!

light_up_your_weekend Factor X makeup cosmetice sale reduceri

Until August 21st, Carrefour Romania has offers up to 75% off clothing items and shoes. Personally, I often find quality clothes and shoes there.

L.E. I love CherryCulture. They carry lots of brands I’m interested in, such as Nyx, Milani, Jordana, etc and until August 20th they have 20% off every item in store. Just add the discount code BCK20 on ckeckout and you’re good to go!

Cherry culture back to school 20% off sale code reduceri cod

You gotta love smart shopping in sales season! :)) Which offer will you take advantage of?

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