Negative Outcomes of Using Oils

Posted on: 7 septembrie 2013

No, not for the skin. I’ve already declared my love for using oils on the skin, hair and nails here. It’s just that these days I’ve had a lot of time and the urgent need to think about what consumerism does to the environment. The thing is that in underdeveloped countries, which, unfortunately play the host to THE most valuable and precious environmental systems in the world, they are chopping down virgin forests to make room for more and more palm plantations, thus destroying habitats that are home to thousands of still un-identified species which very possibly can be the answers to many of today’s problems. Also, plantations, as opposed to the original forests, filter a lot less oxygen and consume all the nutrients in the soil in a very short period of time (a few decades, maybe). And the more we buy, the greater the need to produce will be and the more forests will be cut down.

At this very moment, palm oil has the biggest carbon footprint. I, myself, used to think that eco/bio/organic certifications mean jack, but I’ve come to learn different 🙂 Also, I will try to avoid cosmetics that have palm oil in them as well. Maybe you could do the same. Every little bit counts in making a change for the better on the entire planet 🙂

Just a heads up 🙂 Stay green, girls!

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