The Procrastinating Beauty Blogger Tag

Posted on: 5 Octombrie 2013

Procrastinating Beauty Blogger? Guilty as charged! 😦

I saw this Tag on Emily Noel’s blog BeautyBroadcast, and judging by the frequency of my latest posts I thought it matched my blogging behavior so I kinda stole it from her 😀 Beauty blogging police, come and get me!

1. Name a beauty regime that you rarely do?

Oh, man, as much as I dream of being that chick who once a week organizes a pampering session for herself, I don’t quite fancy myself as a girlie girl and I dread putting on masks and leaving them for as long as it says on the packaging. So, I choose the much easier path of not applying masks at all or almost at all.

2. Is washing your make-up brushes something that you do regularly?

Yes, it is. I wash the brushes I use on a daily basis every other day and the rest right after I use them.

3. How long will you last with chipped nail polish?

It depends on where I am and how busy I am. I think at home, I can last for 2 or 3 days without taking the remaining of the nail polish off, but I recently lasted for 6 days because I was stranded at Tuşnad with no nail polish or nail polish remover 😀

4. How long will you put off buying/replacing a beauty product, even if you need it?

If I need it and I have the money, I won’t put off buying/replacing beauty products at all. Why would I, right? 🙂

5. What is your worst beauty habit?

I’m going to hate myself for acknowledging this, but maybe seeing it written down and making it public will help me stop it. So here it is. Hi, I’m Dana and I pop my pimples, thus making them 10 times worse than they already are.

6. Name something non-beauty related that you put off doing all the time?

Is clothes shopping beauty related? If not, it’s clothes shopping that I put off all the time, mostly because I don’t really take a liking in the latest fashions that our stores display and also, I hate trying a bunch of clothing items on.

7. When going out somewhere, do you leave getting ready to the last minute?

If I have the possibility not to, I don’t. The ideal scenario is to know about my going out beforehand and to have the possibility to take at least two hours to get ready (maybe I screw up the make-up and I love the extra time to try again).

8. Can you commit to spending bans?

It’s funny, ‘cause when I have it in my mind to not spend so much on cosmetics, I can never keep my word. But from time to time, the shopping mania cools down and I do cut the expenditure without even realizing it.

9. How organized is your make-up and nail polish collections?

My collection is as organized as any collection which is divided between two homes. I kind of use the e.l.f. system (eyes, lips, face) for the bulk of my cosmetics, which I store at home at Craiova and those which I keep at Bucharest are kept in two make-up bags, one for the stuff that is used on a daily basis and one for the cosmetics that are put to use only for special occasions (e.g. going out or making myself up for the blog, etc). The brushes have their own jars and the nail polish collection has its own box.

If you do have a blog, please do this tag (and link me, so I can read it) and if you don’t, you can answer the questions in the comments 🙂

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