The (Crazy) Cat Lady TAG [EN]

Posted on: 13 iulie 2014

I stole this TAG from Maria, so go check out her answers as well as her regular make-up and fashion posts! She’s awesome, really!

Here come the questions! Prepare for lots of pictures!

1. Breed or stray?

Stray! Ultimately, I seem to feel that stray cats are much more loving than pure breed ones. Also, choosing a stray cat means saving a soul that maybe couldn’t survive otherwise!

2. Regardless of the previous answer, what would your favourite breed be?

I’ll have to go with the Savannah cat! It’s actually a mix between a serval (a wild, African cat) and a house cat! It resembles a house cat, but it’s taller and leaner and the word goes that they’re as affectionate towards children as dogs are! They are numbered with F1, F2 and so on, signifying the number of generations away from wilderness. Pretty cool, huh?

Savannah cat Crazy cat lady tag LoloableStuff blog hybrid kitty pisici


Savannah Cat and kids copii si pisici Loloable Stuff blog Tag


Titan the cat Crazy Cat Lady Tag LoloableStuff blog


man he can jump Titan the Cat Savannah Crazy Cat Lady Tag LoloableStuff blog


3. Who’s your favourite internet kitty? (Ex: Grumpy Cat, Colonel Meow, etc)

Well, that would have to be Maru

4. Favourite cat youtube video?

I love to see how animals are god mommas to other abandoned animals so this video of a cat adopting some ducklings without a duck momma just touches me! I would love to live on a farm and have lots of cats, dogs, ducks, horses, alpacas, penguins and so on 😀

5. Favourite cartoon cat? (Ex: Garfield, Tom of Tom and Jerry etc)

Definitely Luna from Sailor Moon!

Sailor Moon Luna Cat Crazy Cat Lady Tag Loloable Stuff blog


Sailor Moon Cat Luna Artemis Usagi Crazt Cat Lady Tag Loloable Stuff Blog


Sailor Moon Cats Luna Artemis Crazy Cat Lady Tag LoloableStuff blog


6. Favourite cat in a movie or movie scene with cats?

I’m about to sound reaaaaaly old, but do you remember that Cats & Dogs movie from back in 2001? I do… And the kitty overlord Mr. Tinkles cracks me up every time!!

Mr. Tinkles Cats & Dogs movie cat overlord Crazy Cat Lady Tag LoloableStuff blog


7. Do you own any cat themed clothing or accessories?

Hahah, I do own a kitty onesie that you can see on instagram here and a kitty ring that you can see here.

8. What’s your kitty’s name?

I actually have two kitties, Perla and Geanina, my little princesses!

My beautiful baby Perla

My delicate princess Geanina and my athletic Perla

9. What’s your cat’s favourite toy?

Well… they’re each other’s favorite toy. And when they’re not playing with each other, raising hell in the house or sleeping, their favorite toy is me or my boyfriend.

10. What’s your kitty’s favourite food?

Well, Perla (the tiger-y striped one) would eat anything at least once (but oftentimes, she would eat whatever you give to her), while the delicate Geanina (the white and orange calico) only eats her junior kitty food from Purina Pro Plan or Royal Canin.

11. Is she/he a lazy one or a fierce hunter?

Geanina is kind of a lazy hunter (that’s why she’s a fatty, hihih). I mean, she will hunt it if you put it in her face, but Perla would hunt anything and everything, even if it doesn’t move. She even hunts my eye lid when I blink. I’m actually pretty worried about that.

12. What’s her/his favourite activity?

Racing like it’s Formula 1 time and sleeping, preferably as close to us as possible or ON us.

13. Name the last thing they broke or knocked over.

Well, the trash can, of course! The messier, the better, according to them!

Do you have a kitty? If so, please do this tag and send me the links so I can gush over their cuteness! 

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5 răspunsuri to "The (Crazy) Cat Lady TAG [EN]"

Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ❤ ❤ ❤ Merci pt participare! 😀 si Georgina de la Makeup Pixi a postat despre Maru azi, toata ziua o sa ma uit la Maru hihi ❤ your kitties are ADORABLE ❤


Ihihihih, merci pentru că ai găsit tag-ul şi acum îmi aduci la cunoştiinţă bloggeriţe noi 😀 Man, being a cat obsessed female blogger is awesome! :)))

And thaaaaank you for the kitty compliment :* ❤


Nu l-am gasit, l-am „inventat” :))) de-aia sunt atat de pisicoase intrebarile :>


OMG, you’re kitty genius!!!! ❤


For the love of cats ❤


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